Chisato Nakao


NAKAO Chisato
solo album is releaced on 9th.Mar.2012

les sonimage records SON-001
JAN code 4562292461274

A guitarist,vocalist continuously creates unexplored music expressions.
Performing as solo and joining several units which are "LaLa", "Miokurinohi"(A day of the send-off), "Toriwomita"(I saw a bird),@at the main
stream of avant-garde scene in Tokyo Japan.@On the other hand, "sonimage records" frequently plans and provides rock music events as the support of Keiji Haino and many other acquaint rock artists.
Kan Mikami who has the long terms of association with describes as....

"The new star of the underground scene."

Born in Yokohama, (Kanagawa prefecture in Japan) and starting the piano and the guitar in childhood.

The band activity is started in the junior high school age.
However, leave the high school for the advances to the road of the university authorization. The music activity was stopped temporarily in the
university examination age.

Devoted to the student movement at the law department in Waseda University.

At the second year of the University, joins the band "Karl Mayer" which lead by Kono Ayako and the music activity is restarted. It mainly acted
around Yokohama, and live acted as a frequenter of "YSR" the planning label which was the foundation of worldwide surf music band "The Surf

In the recording work pursuing the musical sensitivity of a metallic quality
which is influenced by "THIS HEAT" and "NEUI". On the other hand, live performance was under a strong influence of Keiji Haino/Fushitusha.

On this year, "karl Mayer-ep." and "Karl Meyer's world" are released as the world distribution from the Vanilla Records, the independent label
in Kyoto which had "Viorent-Onsen-Geisha".

Afterwards, karl Mayer is divided. Band "miokurinohi"(A day of send-off) which assumes uniting hard rock and the free jazz to be a concept is
started. At the same time Independent label named "Sonimage Records" is started up and the first work, "perspective", became a topic.

Forms a new band "LaLa". It evaluated as a pop band in the activity of Nakao Chisato.
It organized with twin guitar and drum.

Sonimage Records starts produce the first live "Saboten dareke no heya"(The Room filled with cactuses). It is held regularly in Tokyo with various
musicians such as Keiji Haino and Kan Mikami etc.

Starts the solo performance by the temporary activity stop of the band.
Many kinds of musical instruments like the guitars, the percussions, the voice, etc. are used in the solo performance. The style of the performance
gives a strong impression for not only the musicians but also the Butoh dancers.

The band "LaLa" is restarted. Members are Chisato Nakao (vocal, guitar), Akira Kikuchi (bass) and Nobuki Tsunoda (drum).

The band named "Toriwomita"(I saw a bird) is formed. Members are Chisato Nakao (vocal, guiter/LaLa), Akira Kikuchi (bass/LaLa), Iwao Yamazaki (drum/OVERHANG PARTY)

The solo performance done in February 2002. It was a compilation of current accumulation, and it was memorized as one step to a new stage
by people

Eulogy from Yuko Tatsushima
(A modern artist also an actress)
The solo live was terrific!! With all musical instruments, it seemed that the solemn space was created
by the hand, the finger, the body, the voice, and all of you. I cannot talk in a single phrase. Last
night, I saw the "Introductory chapter of the world creation" on your roaring sound and performance. I
wish to express my gratitude to Chisato! You have done more than I expected and I got strong courage
from you.

After this live performance, she formally requested the live performance at her painting exhibition on Nov.2002. This is the second time to perform
for her.

The band "toriwomita" is restarted. Member are Chisato Nakao (G.Vo.) Taiga Yamazaki (B.) Tougou Ikushi (Drum)

A sax player Koutarou Asano joins in "toriwomita"

Both solo performances and bands are expanding the activity more greatly.
Also in writing poem and the essay, the given literary talent is paid to attention through the own website "sonimage groupement!!"

The following works were completed now.

The record of the performance on February 9, 2002
"The promised land"(VHS),
The collected live sound sources of "LaLa" in 2001
"LaLa 2001" (CDR)
The studio recording work of new band with Iwao Yamazaki (from OVERHANG PARTY)
"Toriwomita" (CDR)
"Toriwomita LIVE" (CDR)
solo album
"NAKAO Chisato" (CD) SON-001

Fake flowers

boredom smells in the sickbed
when consideration is plain
i write as much as i can
we create fake flowers

feeling the scorch
on the way of June
at the bakery
put the fake flowers for some bread

miserable burn
as their skin is softly reborn
the girls created 1000 paper cranes
we create fake flowers

immature fake flowers are ugly
mature fresh flowers smell terribly
fake flowers we create do not smell

festered boredom in the sickbed
we create fake flowers
the world is already festered
but we still pray for the wonderful world

the flowers
our fake flowers

(the fake flowers are the fresh flowers we create for praying)

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